Capture delegate information

Lead Management Scanner - $300
These devices are fully mobile scanners that comprise basically of a barcode scanner and a smartphone. Once a delegate barcode has been scanned (from their name badge) the data is stored on the device in a backup file but is also sent in realtime to a secure server via the 4G mobile phone network.

When the scanner is issued you will be provided with a link to a webpage and your personal login details. From here the leads can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet format.

The devices can be programmed to have personal qualifying questions on them so the each lead contains more specific information about the potential customer. 

Auto lead follow up is also an option. In this case emails can be sent automatically when a lead is scanned. It may be a generic "Thanks for visiting our stand" email or it could be triggered by own of the answers to a qualifying question for example Q/ Send a price list? Auto response sends email with price list attachment.

There is an additional cost for the qualifying questions ($50 + gst) and auto response emails ($50 + gst) to be set up.


13 Exhibition success tips 

#1 First impressions are vital

Studies show that your first impression has a high correlation with the actual long-term status of your relationship.  Our first opinion of someone forms in only one tenth of a second. Not surprisingly, we see similar results when someone’s first impression is of a brand. It takes only one fifth of a second to form an opinion and 94% of that opinion is design related. Make your exhibit stand out and be clear about your message!  Contact Creative Visuals for high impact portable visual solutions or click here  to view their catalogue.


     Silhouette Large Portable Fabric Walls                           Switch Pull Up Displays         Expand Podium Case - Transportable Counter             PIXLIP GO Portable Light Boxes  


#2 Monkey see, monkey do

Busy stands attract delegates - social proof generates trust. Seeing other people engaged with a brand makes delegates want to see what the buzz is all about. 


#3 Extend your reach

This plays off of the Monkey See, Monkey Do tip. Promotional giveaways that are easily visible are a way to extend your stands reach.  Now capture delegate details by scanning name tags - click here to organiser a scanner for AusBiotech 2018. 


#4 Pre-show stand meetings

Market yourself pre-show. A lot of companies reach out to attendees 4 - 6 weeks before the show. Set up meetings with them at your booth before the show starts. Make it about networking, not selling. You want to hear about what they do more than what you do. Past delegate lists are available on the AusBiotech 2018 website under the "general" tab.


#5 Tricks of the trade

Most trade shows have exhibitors with the same target audience as you. Why not trade leads and contact information?  You’ll instantly double your sales opportunities.  Don't trade contacts with direct competition, rather, partner with brands selling different products and services that happen to have the same target market.


#6 Let them interact

If you can make your product or service interactive, people will stay and a crowd will form.  Not all brands are easy to display. Find a way to allow delegates to interact with your products or services and create interest. Touch screens are a great way to display any type business offering as long as it’s interactive.


#7 May the best person win

Have your best sales people on the floor and make it a fun competition.  Make sure all trade show staff is well trained before the conference. Have them all are aware of the company’s strategy going in and how to utilise the resources provided.  In the end, your people are a big representation of your brand. Give the winner something nice in return.


#8 Measure ROI

The only way to know if something works is to test it. The only way to know if the test worked is to measure it.  Know going into the show how you are going to measure success. Find a way to measure the marketing techniques and their effectiveness.  After all, if you don’t measure your return on investment you won’t know what works. If you don’t know that, you’re risking failure at the next event you attend.


#9 Stop selling and start gelling

What’s the best way to generate interest? Show interest in others first.  Don’t have your staff sell your product unless they are interested in it. The way you gain interest is by being interested in others first.  Ask questions about their company and where they came from first. Almost every time they will follow up by asking you the same. It’s much more natural than introducing your brand after you’ve introduced yourself.


#10 Be hospitable

Give people a warm welcome with things everyone can agree on. Having coffee/tea and comfortable seating always works.  Give your guests a little bit of generosity and they might just give some back.


#11 Start early

Book early and get the best stand position.  Have a clear strategy and goals, then design the look of the stand to reflect.  Those who get it done early tend to have a better experience at the show.  You don’t want to get bogged down by all the small details right before the show when you should be preparing mentally. Get the small stuff done early so you can focus on making the most of the experience.


#12 Learn before you lead

Because of the large investment that’s needed to attend trade shows, novice exhibitors tend to focus 100% of their time on themselves. Before you can become a trade show leader, you need to learn from those who are.  The best of the best are all around you. Take some time to explore other trade show booths and learn how they are marketing their products and services.  No matter how prepared you are, the exhibitors with the most experience can always teach you something new.


#13 Follow up fast

Follow up leads soon after the show. The longer you wait the longer they have to forget who you are and what you said.  People have many interactions at trade shows. As much as you want to believe yours were different, it’s tough to remember everyone’s name and product after the show.  Don’t be afraid of reaching out too quickly. Typically wait one day after the show to follow up with potential prospects. Waiting too long will dilute the connection.