Past Conferences

AusBiotech 2017 was hosted by the Government of South Australia in Adelaide and attracted 1154 delegates from 18 countries, 87 exhibitors and sponsors, 1117 one on one meetings and 456 dinner guests.

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AusBiotech 2016 was hosted in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia), as one of three major events held as part of the International BioFest 2016, Australia’s largest-ever gathering of the entire biotech ecosystem in one place in one week the event attracted nearly 2,000 delegates. 

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AusBiotech 2015 discussed new and diverse topics vital for success in the global life sciences industry, the program also explored current and emerging trends, breakthroughs and war stories from a range of areas such as regenerative medicine, research translation strategies, new markets, business development, access to capital and clinical trials.

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The theme of theAusBiotech 2014 national conference was - Life Sciences = Future. Jobs. Exports - which looked at the developments in biotechnology and the life sciences industry that will significantly boost Australia’s economic performance and build our nation. 

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AusBiotech 2013 - with the theme 'Bioeconomy in transition' - focused on the transformation of the Australian industry as it evolves and adapts to current global forces, in an effort to grow the bio-economy in a global context. The AusBiotech 2014 national conference included a distinguished plenary speaker list of industry experts, leaders and professionals including; Professor Ian Frazer, Dr Michael Berry, Jack Bobo, Professor Goran Roos, Dr Mark Shackleton, and Professor Balram Bhargava.

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AusBiotech 2012 - with its theme 'realising the value' - focused on the strategies to achieve goals throughout the life-cycle of your commercial endeavours.  From discovery, through commercialisation, to late-stage life-cycle management, in the areas of therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, agricultural, food technology, industrial environmental biotechnology, AusBiotech 2012 was connected, relevant and focused on making an impact and realising value.  AusBiotech 2012 provided the foundation for business sucess, by providing access to the industry specialists with in-depth knowledge.

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