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Peter Molloy, CEO of Race Oncology Ltd

Does the Australian drug development biotech sector create investor value? What are the impediments to value creation for biotech companies in Australia? Industry researcher and CEO of Race Oncology, Peter Molloy, will present answers to these questions at AusBiotech 2017. Based on public biotech company data from 2003 to 2016, Peter’s research represents the first long-term performance analysis of the drug development biotech sector in Australia, based on investor returns and value creation.


Innovation System Review with Charlie Day

Set to play an instrumental role in advancing Australian innovation, Charlie Day is tasked with developing a strategy to build a robust and effective innovation system by 2030. Delivering a plenary presentation at AusBiotech 2017, Charlie, the Chief Executive Officer of Innovation and Science Australia (ISA), will provide an update on the Innovation, Science and Research (ISR) System and strategic plan development.

Read Charlie Day names his top challenges as CEO of Innovation and Science Australia from the Australian Financial Review.


Inventing supply chains with Tim Oldham

How can supply chain development help create cures in the twenty-first century? In his plenary presentation, Tim Oldham will examine supply chains from a biotech perspective and discuss its implications for product development. Tim is the Chief Executive Officer of Cell Therapies, which is a recognised leader in manufacturing and distribution of cell-based therapies.

Read more about Cell Therapies.


Complementary medicines and health 

Explore the complementary medicines industry, gain insight into current legislation and potential reform and receive an overview of precision health and wellness at AusBiotech 2017 from: 

Justin Howden, Head of Government Relations, Public Policy, Scientific Development and Community Engagement, Swisse Wellness;

Lyndall Soper, Assistant Secretary of the Complementary and Over the Counter Medicines Branch, TGA; and

Prof Lynne Cobiac, Deputy Director & Science Director, CSIRO Health and Biosecurity, CSIRO.


Emerging regenerative medicine technologies, with Prof Melissa Little

Prof Melissa Little, Program Leader, Stem Cells Australia, says one of the key challenges for  emerging regenerative medicine technologies is maintaining the balance between hype and hope. 

Promising outcomes from clinical trials in regenerative medicine give hope to patients suffering from debilitating conditions. Despite these major advances in stem cell research, there remains much for research, clinicians and industry to discover.

Prof Little will discuss early-stage development and emerging technologies in the Regenerative Medicine stream at AusBiotech 2017. 


Asian regenerative medicine opportunities 

Japan is forging partnerships with Australian regenerative medicine companies, in effort to provide assistance for its rapidly ageing population.

Earlier this year AusBiotech CEO Glenn Cross and industry representatives from Orthocell and Regeneus joined Trade Minister, Steve Ciobo, in a visit to Tokyo. The delegation met with Japanese regulators and companies to strengthen collaboration between the two countries in the field of regenerative medicine.

Attend the AusBiotech 2017 session Asian regenerative medicine opportunities and perspectives to hear from representatives from the Korean Global Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Center (GSRAC) and Japanese Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM).


Dr Glenn Begley announced as Millis Orator 

AusBiotech is pleased to announce that Dr Glenn Begley will deliver the annual Millis Oration.  Dr Begley was this year announced as CEO of BioCurate, an $80 million joint venture launched by Monash University and the University of Melbourne, with support from the Victorian government.  

BioCurate is an independent venture catalyst designed to specifically target the early phases of drug development and provide the commercial focus, expertise and funding needed to boost successful translation and commercialization. BioCurate will work closely with the Universities and their partners in health, research and industry. 


Building a global biotech from Australia, with Silviu Itescu 

Dr Itescu has served on the Mesoblast Board since the Company's founding in 2004, was Executive Director from 2007, and became CEO and Managing Director in 2011. Prior to founding Mesoblast in 2004, he established an international reputation as a physician scientist in the fields of stem cell biology, autoimmune diseases, organ transplantation, and heart failure. Dr Itescu has been a faculty member of Columbia University in New York, and the University of Melbourne and Monash University in Australia. In 2013, Dr Itescu received the inaugural Key Innovator Award from the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture for his leadership in translational science and clinical medicine in relation to adult stem cell therapy. In 2011, he was named BioSpectrum Asia Person of the Year. Dr Itescu has consulted for various international pharmaceutical companies, has been an adviser to biotechnology and health care investor groups, and has served on the Boards of several publicly-listed life sciences companies. 


Key issues facing big pharma globally

What are the challenges and trends facing big pharmaceutical companies operating on the global stage. In a session chaired by Lorraine Chiroiu, Deputy CEO of AusBiotech, big pharma representatives will share their insights and discuss challenges.

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