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Innovation System Review with Charlie Day

Set to play an instrumental role in advancing Australian innovation, Charlie Day is tasked with developing a strategy to build a robust and effective innovation system by 2030. Delivering a plenary presentation at AusBiotech 2017, Charlie, the Chief Executive Officer of Innovation and Science Australia (ISA), will provide an update on the Innovation, Science and Research (ISR) System and strategic plan development.

Read Charlie Day names his top challenges as CEO of Innovation and Science Australia from the Australian Financial Review. 

Inventing supply chains with Tim Oldham

How can supply chain development help create cures in the twenty-first century? In his plenary presentation, Tim Oldham will examine supply chains from a biotech perspective and discuss its implications for product development. Tim is the Chief Executive Officer of Cell Therapies, which is a recognised leader in manufacturing and distribution of cell-based therapies.

Read more about Cell Therapies.

Peter Molloy - CEO of Race Oncology Ltd

In addition, since 2014, Peter is also an Adjunct Teaching Fellow at Swinburne University of Technology, where he has given guest lectures on biotechnology strategy and commercialisation, and recently published a paper on the challenges of strategic planning for biotech firms. He has also undertaken research into the performance of the Australian biotech sector from 2003-2016, focussing on drug development biotech firms. The research provides the first comprehensive, long-term, performance analysis of the Australian drug development biotech sector and in this session, he will share the results of that research, prior to their future publication. He will also address key questions such as: how ‘biotech’ firms are defined, how value creation is measured, and what the value creation drivers and impediments are for Australian firms. It promises to be an interesting and enlightening plenary session.

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