Program highlights


Innovation System Review with Dr Charlie Day

Set to play an instrumental role in advancing Australian innovation, Charlie Day is tasked with developing a strategy to build a robust and effective innovation system by 2030. Delivering a plenary presentation at AusBiotech 2018, Charlie, the Chief Executive Officer of Innovation and Science Australia (ISA), will provide an update on the Innovation, Science and Research (ISR) System and strategic plan development.

Read Charlie Day names his top challenges as CEO of Innovation and Science Australia
from the Australian Financial Review.  Watch Dr Charlie Day, speak about Innovating Australia - 
Innovation and Science Australia


Millis Orator 

The Millis Oration is named after Emertius Professor Nancy Millis (1922-2012), who is recognised as the First Lady of biotechnology.

Professor Doug Hilton, Institute Director, Division Head of Molecular Medicine, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute.  Speaking on the three pillars of WEHI's activities - science, translation and entrepreneurship


Agriculture and agtech stream 

Gene technologies
‘GMO’ has been a disrupter in the way agriculture is produced but, with the advancement of gene editing technologies such as CRISPR, are GMOs now becoming redundant? New innovations in gene technologies & nanotech & current & future application in agriculture

Agtech & big data
With big data comes big ideas. The challenge of agtech &science innovation will be to harness the output of the big data revolution. Exploring data capture, prediction & modelling systems for agriculture

Food & health
Recent achievements and future prospects in development & deregulation of GM foods for improved human health


Regenerative medicine stream 

A strategic view of the regenerative medicine landscape
This session will aim to explore the scientific & regulatory challenges related to progressing cell & gene therapies, highlighting recent scientific, regulatory & launch experience

Australian regenerative medicine translation success stories
Vignettes celebrating successful translation & commercialisation of these novel treatments by Australian companies with a focus on learnings

Building regenerative medicine industries – international perspectives
An account of how different countries are advancing their regenerative medicine activities, in particular the government and regulatory settings to support regenerative medicine advances


Clinical trials stream 

Harness the power of data for smarter drug development
Today, clinical trials are accommodating an incredible variety of data & content from various sources – from traditional clinical data, to high-resolution images, operational data & much more. As clinical trials become more complex, the biggest challenge for stakeholders is to reduce study risk, meet complex regulatory requirements, & reduce the life cycle of the clinical development without compromising the patient’s experience

Keys to winning clinical trial tenders in Australia
Discussing how to attract sponsors from a Central Lab prospective, the importance of strategic partnerships & attracting sponsors from a CRO prospective & presenting on facing the issue of our global location & turning it into a positive through planning (lane validation, packaging, transit times, infrastructure, population etc)

Niche (neurological) clinical trial capabilities in Australia
How we work with biotechnology companies to deliver their project


Curing paralysis – what innovations do we need to accelerate delivery of an effective therapy 

Repairing a paralysed spinal cord has long been considered impossible, but now innovative technologies are now making this a reality. This session will highlight the demands and needs of the innovation pathway from patient through to advanced digital solutions.


 Precision medicines: maintaining competitiveness in the post-human genome project era

This session will discuss the progression of precision medicines onto to the Australian market, implications for the industry & strategies to help Australian companies maintain global competitiveness in the post-human genome project era


The anatomy of a deal

This session provides valuable insights from a spectrum of stakeholders with experience in developing complex deals with multinationals in licensing, providing a service or a product


Key issues facing big pharma globally

What are the challenges and trends facing big pharmaceutical companies operating on the global stage. In a session chaired by Lorraine Chiroiu, Deputy CEO of AusBiotech, big pharma representatives will share their insights and discuss challenges.


Commercialising medicinal cannabis in Australia’s evolving regulatory environment

Medical cannabis is legalised in many countries & approved in Australia in late 2016.  A number of medical conditions can be treated with cannabis extracts including chronic pain & chemotherapy nausea. There is patient confusion & frustration as the first companies navigate the complex regulatory environment & gain medical acceptance through doctor education. This session will outline the opportunity & progress in getting quality medical cannabis to Australian patient


From bench to bedside: GPCR drug discovery

Despite significant market size, over 80% of GPCR targets are yet to be effectively exploited. This session will explore GPCRs in a number of therapeutic areas


Immunology/Oncology – recent advances

Now one of the major approaches in the treatment of cancer & autoimmune diseases. Remarkable clinical results with GM cellular therapies (CAR-T) & antibodies against immune checkpoints (CTLA-4, PD-1), have led to successful regulatory approval. The next phase of clinical development will include combination immunotherapies consisting of both cellular & antibody therapeutics. The panel will discuss the latest advances & how novel immunotherapeutic products can be progressed through developmental models & implemented in clinical settings


Accelerating the path from bench to biotech: focusing on entrepreneurship to drive innovation

The effect of building entrepreneurial capability in academic researchers has on transforming the innovation environment with a change in rate of research translation impact


The rise of Australian & Chinese healthcare industries: regulation & new technologies

Outline of important regulatory changes in Australia & China affecting manufacturers & suppliers of pharmaceuticals & medical devices that accompany rapid growth


The anatomy of a clinical trials claim

A claim made by a patient suffering serious injury in a clinical trial can have a significant impact on the business sponsoring the trial. We will discuss what happens when a clinical trial insurance policy is called upon to respond to a demand for compensation from an injured trial participant. Hear from three experts, an insurance company, an insurance broking house & a legal firm


Artificial intelligence

The future of medical imaging and the basis and future of data mining and artificial intelligence


Global life sciences outlook: leading in an era of unprecedented change

Gain insights on the 2019 outlook for life sciences from pharmaceuticals & biotechnology to diagnostics & digital health with key highlights from geographic, technology, competitive & customer perspectives

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