Program highlights

 As the program is currently in development, presentations will be updated regularly.


Innovation System Review with Dr Charlie Day

Set to play an instrumental role in advancing Australian innovation, Charlie Day is tasked with developing a strategy to build a robust and effective innovation system by 2030. Delivering a plenary presentation at AusBiotech 2018, Charlie, the Chief Executive Officer of Innovation and Science Australia (ISA), will provide an update on the Innovation, Science and Research (ISR) System and strategic plan development.

Read Charlie Day names his top challenges as CEO of Innovation and Science Australia
from the Australian Financial Review.  Watch Dr Charlie Day, speak about Innovating Australia - 
Innovation and Science Australia


Millis Orator - proudly supported by CSL

The Millis Oration is named after Emertius Professor Nancy Millis (1922-2012), who is recognised as the First Lady of biotechnology.

Professor Doug Hilton, Institute Director, Division Head of Molecular Medicine, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute.  Speaking on the three pillars of WEHI's activities - science, translation and entrepreneurship


Curing paralysis – what innovations do we need to accelerate delivery of an effective therapy 

Repairing a paralysed spinal cord has long been considered impossible, but now innovative technologies are now making this a reality. This session will highlight the demands and needs of the innovation pathway from patient through to advanced digital solutions.

Chaired by Assoc Prof James St John, Head, Clem Jones Centre for Neurobiology & Stem Cell Research, Griffith University.  Speakers include Perry Cross, Executive President, Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation, Dr Brent McMonagle, ENT Surgeon, Gold Coast University Hospital/Pindara Hospital, Genny Kroll-Rosen, Clinical Operations Manager, Making Strides and Prof David Lloyd, Chair, Gold Coast Orthopaedics Research & Education Alliance.


Key issues facing big pharma globally

What are the challenges and trends facing big pharmaceutical companies operating on the global stage. In a session chaired by Lorraine Chiroiu, Deputy CEO of AusBiotech, big pharma representatives will share their insights and discuss challenges.


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