Fintan Walton, CEO PharmaVentures, interviews senior leaders from Australian and international life science companies. Discover how these organisations are implementing global strategy, key initiatives to overcome the notorious "valley of death" and how the Australian sector is planning for major growth over the next ten years. 


Sam Cobb

Elaine Darby


AdAlta started as a spinout from a cooperative research centre in 2007, driven by the discovery of a shark antibody that has a similar shape to a human protein. CEO Sam Cobb explains how AdAlta is now looking to continue their clinical trials and manufacture the antibody, which can be used to treat fibrosis. 

Elaine Darby describes the basis of the Australasian medicinal cannabis organisation AusCann. While most people know cannabis as a social drug, it also has medicinal benefits that can help Australian patients. AusCann has established both domestic and international collaborations to obtain the necessary expertise to produce cannabis medicines appropriate for a range of chronic conditions.               


Dennis Liotta
Emory Institute for Drug Development

Sue MacLeman


Prof Dennis Liotta, Executive Director Emory Institute for Drug Development, Emory College in the US, explores how the notorious ‘valley of death’ impedes drug development in academic institutions, and offers a solution for bridging this gap.  Sue MacLeman, CEO of MTPConnect, outlines how the Federal Government’s Growth Centre for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology plans to develop an internationally competitive sector over the next ten years and identifies key issues in funding, job skills and policy.  

Dr Megan Baldwin

Dr Michelle Fraser
Reproductive Health Science

Armed with a global strategy, Opthea is streamlining development of eye disease therapies and giving hope to patients suffering from vision loss. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr Megan Baldwin describes how undertaking key activities in both the US and Australia is a vital part of Opthea’s strategy and crucial to business success in a globalised world.  In what started out as a pan to explore IVF, Reproductive Health Science has evolved to develop screening for embryos and second product testing single cells. Managing Director and CEO Dr Michelle Fraser explains the technology and strategy behind its development.